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Yes, we also design and host websites

We at Elite Image are fully committed to doing it all.

We can design you a new website, edit your current site, and also have the capability of hosting it on our own server. You can purchase an existing template, or we can design you a custom one ourselves, using our talented designers.

  • Want a simple splash page?
  • Want to be able to edit your own content?
  • Want a blog setup?
  • Want a fully customized website, with all the bells and whistles?

Are you a REALTOR® and want a custom website? We have our own customized DDF Plugin for Wordpress so the website can automatically bring in your own MLS Listings. DDF (Data Distribution Facility) is a feed provided by CREA for free to every REALTOR® in Canada.

We are able to attend to all the above needs.

If you would like further information regarding website design, hosting, or anything else, please fill out the contact form below, and we will contact you as quickly as we can, or give us a call at 250.591.0175.


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